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Symon George
Walsall, UK

"I traveled on the Holy Land pilgrimage in Jan 2012 from the UK. I had a great experience along the way. It was well organised, the guide's were friendly and helpful, your service was warm and remarkable. I will never forget the trip that I had with you and the group. I really felt good and had a very deep spiritual experience. The presence of Fr. Soji made a really good difference to the trip. The masses arranged by you on each day was exceptional. I would recommend anyone to go with Sehion Tours and Travels. Your service was excellent in all aspects!"

God bless you and we will remember you in our prayers,

Kind regards,

jayesh zope


Experience the most enjoyed tour in my life,a very good support from MR.SANOOP , good hotels for staying,good food,etc etc what i can write more? every moment of the trip we have enjoyed.



The tour arranged by Sehion Tours & Travels  to the Holy Land was my third trip.With a wonderful group of 48 members.In this tour I got a better vision of all sites which led me into Bible study after coming over here.What touched me most was the tour through the route in the widerness by which God has taken the people from Egypt to the present  Israel. The well where Mosses conftonts the thugs and saves the women, the burning bush etc.. Sehion Tours & Travels wonderfully arranged all Hotels with a highly experienced    
tour guide. The whole people of God have been trained by God in the buring pot of desert where there is nothing , at the same time God provinding everything.

John Paul


experoence: Sehion Tours(ST) arranged a well organised Holy Land Tour for a group of almost 50 of us from UK. ST ensured that we could enjoy a truly divine experience while on the tour by making all arrangements. The guides provided were very knowledgeable and were very accomodative. We were all moved by the personalised care given to everyone by Sijo while on the tour.



experoence: It was a wonderful experience visiting the Holy Land. We were taken to all of the places which we can see in Bible present in both Old and New Testament. We had a great group, Group Cordinator and the Tour Guide. Hence the arangements were good. The only suggestion is that if we can opt for a better hotel for stay in Palestine. Rest all the Hotels were excellent. Especially the stay in Taba ws memorable.